Tomas Slavik wins Arkady Downmall 2014!‏


Tomas Slavik was able to take a 4th win in a row at unique mountainbike downhill race through the shopping mall in Prague, Czech Republic where the best riders from 9 different countries gathered to fight for the win on this crazy track.

List of TOP 30 invited riders was made out of DH, 4X and also BMX stars as for example Johannes Fischbach - Germany (fastest DH german rider), Felix Beckeman - Sweden (4X European Champion) and many more. Track was longer and more technical then last year with most slippery surface you can probably imagine! Tomas Slavik was able to win all three race runs and became for the fourth time in a row champion of Arkady Downmall!

"There was just few changes on the track which made the track bit more difficult and longer. I had real fun on that track, surface was typical slippery and stairs were sharp as a knife. I was battling whole day with Michal Prokop, crowd knew it and they always went crazy when we showed up on the start. At the end I won all my race runs and took a big win. It was my first race this year and mainly first race for GHOST bikes what was big motivation for me. Its a big honour for me to be a part of such a strong team. It was just great day! Thank you to my sponsors and fans!"

Report about Slavik, TV NOVA sport news !!! 1 750 000 views !!!

GoPro edit Tomas Slavik
GoPro final run

This event just showed up that Slavik is in a great shape. In 10 days he is flying to South America for the first races of new world series in Urban DH. Historically as a first czech rider he will take part in this competition and will be fighting for the best result!

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Foto: Robin Skotnicki, Jakub Fiser, David Veprek, Jan Malkovsky












Arkady Downmall 2014 - GoPro edit

Arkady Downmall 2014 - official video