JBC 4X Revelations - 7 years/7 wins

The best week of 4X racing is in the books! JBC 4X Revelations pushed the limit and slingshoted the show to whole new level. With over 14 000 fans around the track made Czech Republic this event really unforgetable! Slavik was there, organized the event with his crew, won the quali and then won the race - 7 years in row.

“Im really stoked to say that last 2 years I could prepare and focus fully on racing and not organizing. Our production and crew are doing amazing job… they know perfectly what to do and how to do it. For me I have no pressure then in way of organizing the event and I can enjoy the racing against the fastest guys in front of the home crowd, friends and family. This is the moment when you just leave everything on the track to make your fans happy and the rush of adrenaline is just insane! The track was way more technical, dusty and wild. It really made racing exciting with many passes and it was drama from top to the bottom…fourcross delivered great show to the crowd. I was enjoying every meter and every second being on this track and everyone could see it around the track. I took a win at quali and later also in the race. I would love to thank to all riders, sponsors and the crew who are making this event bigger and bigger every year. THANK YOU! Next stop WORLD CHAMPS at Val di Sole!”
Revelations 2019 - action clip
Revelations 2019 - LIVE REPLAY
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Slavik showed that he is in really good shape right now and its great timing before World Champs in 8 days! To see more photos, videos and information behind the scenes go and follow his social networks
Photo credit: Jan Kasl, Honza Malem Fotografem