Slavik taking 3rd place at Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2014‏


Tomas Slavik was able to take a 3rd place against the fastest Urban DH riders in the world at 2nd stop of City Downhill WORLD TOUR at Valparaiso, Chile. First big race on a DH bike, first race over 2,5 minutes - Slavik is guy to watch this season!

Event called Redbull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo is considered as one of the most extreme urban DH races in the world. Track in Valparaiso is technical, physical, rough, fast and absolutely crazy! The best riders gathers to fight against clock to set up the fastest time in streets of Valpo every year. Already after the qualification everybody knew that Slavik is a guy to watch this year. It was his first time in Chile and was leading quali for very long time until Hannah and Polc went down. In final run Slavik got faster time then in quali even with few mistakes and ended up on 3rd place what is an great result for fourcross rider.

"After my crash in Santos, Brazil I have already known what to expect. I knew its gonna be crazy event and I was right. Racing in streets full of people, dogs, fences, stairs, massive jumps, going over 60km/h is just crazy, but I liked it a lot. It was a big challenge to me, because Im use to race not more than one minute tracks and not on DH bike. This track is over 2,5 minutes, I was racing DH bike and I really enjoyed it in fact. Got 3rd what is an awesome result to me and Im really stoked! I was working hard last 4 months to get my endurance to a different level and Valpo was proof that everything works right. This year I set up my goal that I would like to try few DH races and see how it goes. Fourcross is of course still my priority. Just would love to push my own limits, you know that feeling? Valpo was a great beginning. Anyway, I really enjoyed Valparaiso, the racing atmosphere was just INSANE and great experience for me! Definitely would love to come next year. Thanks goes to all my sponsors, Redbull for taking care of us, my brazilian and chilian friends helping us and cheering for me. I had a blast time in South America!"









Polc, Slavik and Fischbach trackwalk VCA 2014

Slavik and Polc preparing for VCA 2014