Tomas Slavik took a win at world series 4X Pro Tour season opener in Poland


Tomas Slavik was able to win in qualification and all his racing heats in Poland during first round of world series 4X Pro Tour season opener. Slavik is bringing home victory and first ever world 4X series win racing for GHOST bikes! What a weekend! 

This is it. The countdown is over and the 2014 4X ProTour has started. Riders have been training hard and all the organisers have been preparing the events to make sure the 2014 4X ProTour is the best season yet. 7 rounds of gold and silver events will determine the overall champions, and round 1 in Szczawno Zdroj got the season started on Saturday night. One of the most physical races of the season, massive jumps, thousands of spectators - it was always a great show in Poland and getting better and better year by year.

It was also the first race after winter condition training where all the best riders in the world could compare themselves and see how training affected their racing skills. Tomas Slavik was really on fire and won all his heats from start till the finish and brought home victory for 4th time in row.

“Track is really shaped, fast, but whats most important to me is that its really physical. One of the most difficult races of the season. You really have to save your energy after whole day of riding. Final run always hurts, but this is exactly the run where you have to be fastest. My winter training was really tough, I have tried new challenges and really change my training program. I really trained hard and this is the results - 7 kg lighter, Im able to race DH tracks and I got even quicker on 4X bike. Really interesting training concept what grew up in my head and works great! Maybe thats the reason why I was able to win this way in Poland. Its really important to start the season well and get good starting points, really looking forward to upcoming races!”

It won’t be easy for Slavik this season. During the season he will be racing 4X and DH as well. Unfortunately there will be a few weekends where Slavik will be racing both disciplines at the same day. Slavik will be traveling back to the past where riders were racing both sports, but professionality came to both sports and it became almost impossible to do that. 
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Photo by: Charles Robertson, Dariusz Gdesz, Markus Slavik, Lukas Hennecke