Tomas Slavik took another massive win at JBC 4X Revalations!


The best fourcross riders in the world on the roughest track ever designed, elbow to elbow and only one can be the winner – Tomas Slavik was able to take a win for second time in a row at JBC 4X Revelations powered by GHOST bikes.

Best and at the same time most difficult race of a season! This year it was really successful event in all ways. It was already great race last year when Michal Marosi showed up his crazy wallride pass! Race full of crazy passes, thrilling moment and Tomas Slavik taking the win in front of his home crowd. History repeats again! Slavik took a win at quali and was able to take another win for his home crowd!

"When I was going on the lift up the hill before first run I was just wondering in my head that Im really tired of the all organization stuff and why am I really doing this. At the same time comentators called my name and the crowd which was about 8 000 people went completely nuts! Thats the time when I realized I will leave everything whats left in my body on this hill to take a win! This noise just drives you CRAZY! I won every single heat and everything worked perfect for me. At the end I took a win and I can tell you, it was a great relief. I was super happy about my performance and about doing a good job with the event as I saw everybody being so happy. Before final we just had little trouble when Hannes Slavik crashed really hard and was transported by a helicopter to hospital. Even though we are fighting hard on the track we are racers who are rowing the same boat so everyone was really frustrated after seeing this. Fortunaly he is ok and will be back on race tracks early. I would like to say thank you to all people from pruduction crew, my girlfriend, sponsors and to all spectators and fans! Thank you! "

There was a first round of Football czech league 300 m away from the fourcross track. Football is the most famous sport in Czech Republic, but titles in news at TV and magazines are saying it all "There was acrobatic planes flying above the football stadium, but it was just opening ceremony of MTB race called JBC 4X Revelations" or "Revelations 2014 completely smashed first round of football first league with double numbers of spectators". Epic event with more than 8 000 spectators just completely rulled Jablonec nad Nisou for the weekend. Expect the official movie from Revelations 2014 soon!


Final run:

GoPro Felix Beckeman final run:

Photo credit: Jan Kasl